Biff or Die

by Biff

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BIFF OR DIE 2011 - Shitass Records presents the "Biff or Die" - the long anticipated release of Biff's heavies album to date...this one's got some slamming tracks folks!


released December 31, 2011

Dave Peterson: Drums, Vocals - Joe Dandurand: Bass - Seth Yannacone: Guitar. Recorded and mixed by Dave Peterson. Mastered by John Hruska. Cover photos by Rey Pacheco.


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Biff Denver, Colorado

Rock band from Denver, Colorado - est. 1997

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Track Name: Even the Sun Will Die
EVEN THE SUN WILL DIE At the height of arrogance, we assume with opulence that you're immortal. So you forfeit a dying wish, ever guarded with clenched fists, listen for secrets on the solar wind. Nuclear fusion, finite as fuck! Shine on you brilliant star! You've sustained us thus far! Ever dizzy as we spin round and round you. Die! Die! Die! Even the sun will die! Eclipse will shroud us, bath us in darkness, the seas freeze as we witness. Even the sun will die, the only mourners are cold dead worlds that circle, they will honor their dead red father, dead red father, their dead, red father. White dwarf.
Track Name: Honey Bunches of Death
HONEY BUNCHES OF DEATH It wasn't automatic and I assumed too much. That this rendezvous could be the way it was. I felt God damned, betrayed, disappointed and ashamed. The woman, won’t run. She lingers on…In my heart, in my head, all I see is red. Cause of what I did, so I fled, so I fled…There we sat, northern shore of Tillicum, in disbelief that you’d never be the one, it feels like all I’ve known betrayed me, I renounce all that I had once believed. How could I have summoned this creation? Our final parting chalked with shame and rejection, I wanted to crawl into a hole and die, I disappointed the love of my life (we are at valley of the temples, with wind swept beautiful hair).
Track Name: Bore the Brunt
BORE THE BRUNT Tried to buy us some time. Let this pain be a sign of my foremost eagerness in your absence. This ain't no masquerade. You've got yourself under cover. Trying to hide from another damn false thought. So let us dance again, for in our hearts we're still lovers! Don't let this distance be a bother, it's a bother, a bother! So I bore the brunt, and it wasn't fun and I felt so lost! This ain't no masquerade. You've got yourself under cover. Trying to hide from another damn false thought.
Track Name: Something Deadly's Brewing
SOMETHING DEADLY'S BREWING Swift justice fails mercy's gift of time. Marauders still pay for their crimes. Kill the ones who perpetrate. Now imprisoned let you remain. Our most sacred credo's slain. How could just punishment be humane? Something deadly's brewing. Our hatred creates monsters. As here this horrid end results. We scream with fervor "it's not our fault" - Something deadly's brewing, in our hearts, in our heads. Something deadly's brewing, in mother's womb, tears and blood will soon be shed. And for help the bastard's reaching. I forget all my master's teachings. And the system fails again... We become more animal than man. Red tape regulates crass decisions made. The fucking repugnant pleads insane. What about the ones he penetrated?! And in your crime we can't abide. I just want you to fucking die. How this hatred poisons me. We fight fire, with fire... You didn't break her. Now she's even more beautiful. You didn't shake her. Now she's affirmed and strong and true. You didn't make her want to give up on her life, cuz she's an angel; she ascends to a higher light.
Track Name: Drogas de la Muerte
DRUGAS DE LA MUARTE (English version) And so it seems your loved ones have failed you. Their affection came too late and was half-hearted at best. And so you turned to a different kind of lover…one that wouldn't betray you, or so it seemed. So you leaped into the fire and burned until you were numb and no one fetched any water…And so you burned until you felt nothing. Finding alternate realities seemed to be a solution. It seemed to be an escape from the pain. But it only became harder and harder to come back to the real world. This life is not for the faint of heart, but grueling trial day by day. And so your drug of death has come, it acts like a mother of mercy. We face this somber truth There’s nothing left to lose So tell me who gives a fuck!? Mother of mercy, mother of three, what about the child you leave behind? Drink to ease the pain, of your final days, I hope you rest in peace. Your drug of choice, cause it fills a void, but then leaves a deeper hole. It leaves you numb, you think it’s fun, but it’s fucking killing you. Always filled with hate. This brilliant body acclimates. So what’s your choice? To scream with your voice! Drugs! Drugs are your answer. Drugs are your solution. Drugs are your master. Your heart beats faster. Drugs are your vision. Drugs are your fiction. Drugs!
Track Name: Death of a King
DEATH OF A KING None of this matters anymore, no, none of this matters. Your message has been lost over all of these years. Who died and made you kind of anything? It's an illusion. This is my conclusion. Who died and made you king of everything? Millions did. Millions and millions did. Their blood is on your hands, you king of carnage. It wasn't your intention. But look at what you did. Who died and made you kind of anything? You did.
Track Name: Biff or Die
BIFF OR DIE Fear of death, taints a life worth living, make no mistake, your dying day is coming, be not afraid, worry is worthless be remade, just accept, that this life is changing. Walk, a path, without, regret, because, the past is a cancelled check. We want to be validated. We want to be reparated. I want to know that you know that I exist. I want to know that you know I bleed red. Walk, a path, without, regret, because, the past is a cancelled check.

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