by Biff

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released July 1, 2008




Biff Denver, Colorado

Rock band from Denver, Colorado - est. 1997

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Track Name: The Beast Within
Get back to your animal nature and this world will spin around. The preferred nomenclature, insults breed fertile ground. With these territorial pissings, and these fights to choose up sides. Get back to your animal nature, embrace the shifting tides. Unleash the beast within. At Death's door you'll never win. It's the self you try to save. Seek revenge, dig two graves. A catatonic state of life. Can't ignore all strife. With sharp teeth you try to bite. Cause you know you're always right. Huh. Get back to your animal nature and this Earth will share her ground. Can't trust the legislators, our eardrums will hear the sound. With these territorial killings and these wars to choose up sides. Get back to your animal nature, sit back enjoy the ride. Oh mother, what have we done. Oh sister, he's got a gun. Will we be burned by the sun? Oh mother, what have we done?! Now we're back to our animal nature, and soon we'll be bound to get back to our golden center, listen for the sound.
Track Name: Commandeer
If a tree falls in the forest, and no one's around to hear it. Does anybody give a flying FUCK?! It's too bad we can't transcend this sadness. I hope this is a fucking joke. I cannot fathom the punch line to this elaborate hoax. To commandeer, this common place, and soon erase, to save some face. We cannot win, can't win this race. Best to sit back and slow the pace. You're Goddamn, you're Goddamn right. If a tree falls in the forest, and no one's around to notice, does anybody even care? About this despair.
Track Name: FFIB
You tell all your fibs, your life is nothing but, finding fault in bitches, issuing stitches. Something's gone wrong here. (Do you think they're on to us? I think it's more than likey. Could the be following us? I think it's definitely a possibility. I better think of something intelligent to say). You've got this all wrapped up nicely, you've got it all figured-the-fuck-out! So don't pout. This world is not what it seems to be. A phantasmagoria, a shifting scene. You tell your fibs because you live. You tell all your lies and soon you'll die...
Track Name: Aja Minor
Swell back view of tattoos. Gamble all for love, you've got nothing to lose. You asked for my heart I refused. Hoped you'd understand, you can't bear the news. This is a life that we choose. Don't blame me, I'm not perfect for you. Self medicate with booze. Well, whatever you've got to use. It was a swell back view of tattoos. Porcelain skin and those baby blues. You've lived a life of abuse. I tried to pretend that it's not the truth. There is beauty with in you. I know that now with your kiss to prove. Made love to me and we fused. Discovered I'm afraid that there isn't room for two. It was short lived, so we tried. Short lived, so goodbye. And hello, to new possibilities. And hello to desired destiny. Aja! You were not minor. Aja, you lit a fire, within me. And true love, we both shall receive. So conceive. I will remember July. I will remember, your final words, goodbye...go live your perfect life! I've gotta find a new bakery.
Track Name: Vee for Victory
Please come trough for me. VEE is for victory. You are the answer to every question. Flat line, don't give up this time. Just take what is yours, you know those bastards are keeping score. Witness why this is important. Crossroads run over this burning bridge. There will be no more sleep til morning, when the sun brings up our fear. Winner in winter. The specter reveals your looming death. Heart must break through this icy rhetoric…cardio infarction.
Track Name: Chivarly
Where is your chivalry? Honor, valor and dignity?! You take for granted her energy, trapper-box-hoarded, its a travesty! Be a man, so I dare, you have to let go of arrogant ego fueled nightmare – I don’t doubt your intentions. Excuses are not conducive your survival is unconditional. Where is your chivalry? Honor, valor and dignity?! You take for granted her energy, steadfast towards a means of ravishedly, it's not fucking fair you’ve had the taste of her treasure. Don’t waste your time. And don’t waste mine. This will not stand, this is not right, I wage this fight, our song slips into darkness. If you will not love, you will not have, so treat her right, or lose her you mother fucker!
Track Name: Forty Hours
It's not a matter of opinion it's a matter of fact. Regardless of what you try to do you always end up with the shaft. Getting worked over by the man each and every day of the week. You think, "Goddamn if I didn't need this job I'd say future of employment looks bleak". Do what you're told, do it. It's not a matter of option it's a matter of mandatory chore. Lucky enough to derive a paycheck/sense of purpose? You think "What the fuck am I working for?" This is not my life. This is not my time. Forty hours, forty more.
Track Name: Toilet
Different pipes, go to different places. Reaching for balance, homeostasis. Handed down from generations. Big bags of shit, but we don't have to take them. When you've got to go, you've got to go. There is no if's and's or but's about it. When you always know, you always know and there is no doubt about it. The eb'n flow. I think you should think twice. I think you should think three times before you do something stupid. It's a tragedy, this proximity, look around and down and so we go…Ascension, union, truth as above and so below. I can't believe it's so, truth as above and so below. Different pipes go to different places. Blinding lights and grimacing faces. Handed down for generations, big bags of shit, but we don't have to take them. Cause liberty is ours, from our forefather's scares. Will their sins become ours? We have to run...far.
Track Name: Hint O' Piss
Track Name: Mercury Have Mercy
All that can go wrong will go wrong be sure this burden is law and punishment suits, those you cannot hold a vision, cannot find a reason, have not a feather left to ruffle. Retrograde, you've got it made, if your aim is fail preach to the choir they're listening to your cadence. For every action there is an equal-opposite reaction in the universe. Retrograde in your cadence.
Track Name: Wanna Be
You are a Goddess envy, you are a Venus note. Last night I dreamt you kissed me, and I didn't wanna wake no more. You make me wanna be, a gentleman on his knee, to hold your hand to see, you're the only girl for me. Don't need no make up, don't need no fancy clothes, you are a natural beauty and you got me saying oh my lord yeah. You make me wanna be, your lover on his knees, to kiss your lips and see you're the only one for me.

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